Thermal Inspection

Thermal Imaging or otherwise known as Infrared was initially designed for the military.

The secrets of what it does was released some time ago and is now made available for commercial use.  The thermal camera can see what the eye cannot see. It is a highly sophisticated electronic thermometer for a simpler explanation.

The camera can see temperature differences over a broad spectrum and this becomes useful when looking for leaks, hot spots on electrical systems, DB boards, Motors, Bearings, Insulation, human body, building heat or cold loss, environmental and so forth.

Leaks: Cape Town

The use of the thermal camera will be able to pick up the hottest or coldest spot in the area where you are experiencing the leak. A clear thermal image on the camera will pinpoint the location.

Electrical: Cape Town

The use of the thermal camera on a DB board fuse bank will be able to pick up hot spots on breakers, signifying a troubled circuit. The hotspot could be due to a loose connection, an overload of the circuit or a fault on a motor or appliance on that circuit.This type of yearly inspection can prevent major fire loss and damages to your property.

Motors: Cape Town

The use of the thermal camera will pick up the hottest spot on a motor. Certain parts of a motor will generate certain temperatures and if the temperature is over the desired specification, then this would signify that the part is running in the “over spec”.The thermal image will then prevent a major failure.

Bearings: Cape Town

The use of the thermal camera will pick up the heat emitting from a bearing on a motor or pump. Bearings have a temperature range, if the bearing is running out of this range, then a failure is imminent. Yearly check ups on these bearings is essential is preventing a “shut down” of equipment that you may be very dependent on.

In many cases, a failed bearing can create further damage to the motor itself. This could be a very costly repair and the use of a thermal camera can prevent such from happening.

Insulation: Cape Town

The use of the thermal camera will pick up the heat loss from insulating material.The purpose of the material is to contain the heat. If the insulation is loosing heat, the camera will show the external heat loss.Piping that transfers heat or coolant will need insulation. Loss of heat or cooling through the insulation will cost the end user in electricity.

There are many more uses for the thermal camera; the above is but just a few. Our trained technician will be able to use the camera in whatever field you require. We can then recommend a solution and rectify.

Your property is your biggest asset, take time to protect it!


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