Leak Detection

Are you experiencing these leak related problems?

  • High Water Bills
  • Dampness on a wall
  • Lifting tiles
  • Lifting of wooden flooring
  • Paint bubbling
  • Black mould
  • Sewer smell
  • Unusually high losses of water in your swimming pool

These are the tell tale signs that you have a leak and need a Leak Detection done.

We have done over 10,000 Leak Detections to date and are market leaders in this field.

We use a variety of electronic Leak Detection equipment to locate the source of your problem. Depending on where you leak is and the symptoms, this will determine what type of equipment we will use.

We have commercial robust Leak Detection equipment that can be used in any application, be it Commercial or Residential.

The equipment and methods we use are: 

  1. The Gas Method – To insert harmless Hydrogen/Nitrogen gas into your pipe system. When the Gas filters through the burst or leaking pipe, we then use a gas sensor to pick up where the gas has escaped. This is the location of your burst or leaking pipe.
  2. Acoustic or Sound Method – We use an electronic acoustic listing device which zones in on the noise the burst or leaking pipe is making.
  3. Thermal Image- A highly sophisticated, heavy duty, commercial thermal camera to pinpoint the hottest or coldest spot nearest to the location of your burst pipe.
  4. Moisture Meter- An electronic temperature probe which picks up the highest levels of moisture closest to the location of your burst or leak.

We have 25 years of Plumbing and Leak Detection experience and are confident we will find your leak.

CHECK this chart out. If you have a LEAK or BURST PIPE, you could be losing this amount of water.

Our Qualified staff will be able to source and REPAIR your BURST OR LEAKING PIPE.


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