Burst Geyser

FAQ relating to Burst Geyser:

Q - I have luke warm water or no hot water.

A - Your Geyser could be burst and leaking water. The thermostat will therefore not switch off.

Q - There is water flowing or dripping out of an overflow pipe outside.

A - If it is coming out of a 50mm pipe, then it is likely your geyser has burst.Turn your water off urgently and get the geyser replaced.

Geysers are very dangerous appliances if not installed properly. Get your geyser inspected and consider replacing your safety valve every so often. A faulty safety valve or corroded safety valve can cause your geyser to explode if it fails to open.

Please see article below written by the South African Burea of Standards.

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One thought on “Burst Geyser

  1. I agree if a geyser is not installed properly it can be very dangerous. You also have to have your geyser inspected for an problems. If you have your geyser installed professionally It can also save you alot of money in the long run. Thanks for sharing this great article.

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